Monday, July 27, 2009

OPEN DAYS 2009... here we go!

"The largest event for the regions and cities of Europe". That's how people call it. And it is waiting for us. This is not the first year that we collect information about the OPEN DAYS. In 2008, we offered several pieces of news about OPEN DAYS, but in fact we have been reporting on the Week of Regions and Cities of Europe in our spanish version since 2006.

This year we want to go one step further,and so, some members of the team are moving to Brussels from 5 to 8 October 2009 to see first hand whether is true or not that is the OPEN DAYS the most important event for European cities and regions.

Moreover, of course, we are going to Brussels to offer you the best coverage of what is about to happen there: workshops, conferences, round tables and cultural activities will take place in Brussels those days to celebrate the European Week of Regions and Cities, OPEN DAYS 2009.

We also know that many of our readers and subscribers will be around, so it's a great oportunity for us to meet you: just send us an e-mail and we will try to make an appointment with you.

We will go on telling you what will our agenda for those days. Meanwhile, we'd like you to send us suggestions on the items that you find more relevant, in order that we pay more attention to them among the many possibilities offered by OPEN DAYS 2009: we want to maximize our participation and to offer you what really interest you.

By the way! The title of the Open Days 2009 is "Global Challenges, European responses" ... In, as you see, our bigger challenge offering you better information and services day after day.

Monday, July 20, 2009 scores a goal!!!

We start the summer with an announcement that has little to do with the information from the European Union or the new features of Euroalert information widgets, but, anyway, we are very proud of it. For some months we have wanted to say you that this year "has been in the courts" of the real world. Yes, yes, scoring goals for real! :-)

The truth is that in we are completely convinced thatcorporate social responsibility (CSR)is a way to contribute to the community and further improve our competitive performance with a behaviour that goes beyond strict compliance with legal obligations. We believe that this is not a practice suitable only for large multinationals,so we have decided to act on what is closer to us, and we have tried to score a goal in the real world...

This season, handball team from La Salle College in Valladolid has begun to wear a sweatshirt sponsored by It is a small grain of sand with which we intend to support the basic sport, which almost always has limited resources, and we have all suffered that lack as we practised it.

We hope these guys get very far, and who knows...? perhaps this is the first step of a career which ends in a national team ..! ;-). In we believe that there is no small challenge! but above all we wish that you enjoy training, competing and, overall, learning about teamwork.

We wish you all a happy summer. In we don't close for holidays, and will continue offering you the best tools and informations on the European Union.