Saturday, September 26, 2009

Euroalert at B-Creative: Creativity, the secret of growth

As we announced a few weeks ago, among 5th and 7th October the crowd we will be attending to Open Days 2009 in Brussels. Open Days is the biggest event for Europe's regions and cities, and it will feature more than 100 seminars, workshops, debates, exhibitions and meetings with 7,000 participants, expected in Brussels alone.

And one of the workshops that we are going to specially cover is B-Creative: Creative industry for restoring growth in Europe's regions, which will take place on 7th October at La Cambre, école nationale supérieure des arts visuels.

This event is organized by Lisbon Regions Network & Partners, and it will underline the potential that cultural and creative industries, such as music, fashion, design, architecture, and gaming, offer for EU's economy and competitiveness. Open Days 2009 aim to facilitate exchange, debate and networking among Europe’s experts and decision-makers in regional and local development from the public, private and financial sector, and creative industry is essential for that growth.

The Lisbon Regions Network is a network of 15 ambitious high performing regions with a shared interest in the delivery of the Lisbon Strategy at regional and local level:

Aquitaine Region, Bratislava Self-Governing Region, Brussels Capital Region, Helsinki Region, Land Hessen, Lisbon & Tagus Valley Region, Regio Randstad, Regione Emilia-Romagna, Riga City and Region, Slovenian Business & Research Association, Sofia Municipality, Stockholm Region, Valencian Region, West Midlands and Wielkopolska Region compose this ambitious group of networked regions.

As innovation is a strong value of corporate culture, we have always bet on creative industry as a key engine for social and economic development, and even more in 2009, which is the European Year for Creativity and Innovation.

We are really looking forward to assist to B-Creative and share experiences about how people and ideas can create growth in our societies, and how can regional governments give a boost to this development.

Maybe we can meet there? Drop us an email to

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Próxima estação do Lisboa!!

If this autumn you are travelling anywhere in Europe, you'll probably meet a member or associate of, because we won't stop!! We had already told you that at the beginning of October will be in Brussels to assist to Open Days 2009, but, before that, we are visiting the capital of our portuguese neighbours.

Among 21 and 23rd September we will be in Lisbon to promote EU information and public tender services, to visit some customers and clients and to participate in events and meetings prepared for the delegation of entrepreneurs from Castilla y Leon that will accompany the President of the Junta of Castilla y León, Juan Vicente Herrera, to the portuguese capital. We will have the chance to meet Portuguese entrepreneurs in the business meetings organized by ADE International EXCAL, the Junta of Castilla y León agency for external promotion.

E agora nossa estréia em português neste blog...: Estamos seguros de que esta viagem será uma oportunidade perfeita para reforçarmos os laços com as instituições e agências portuguesas, e convidamos a todos aqueles de vocês que estejam interessados em ser parte da comunidade em Portugal e aproveitar as ferramentas da para a distribuição de conteúdos, informações e oportunidades de negócios no sector público europeu, a que nos enviem um email.

A comunidade cresce e atravessa fronteiras!