Monday, June 30, 2008

The current European Union news widget

In the series of posts specially dedicated to the new features released by, we now have the pleasure to announce you the launch of the new Current News widget. This new widget allows you to display up to date European Union Current News form automatically on your website, and for free!

If you already have your API key for the EU Calls for Proposals widget, you will not need a new one for this new widget. They can both coexist along-side one another in the same page, as you can see in the right sidebar of this blog, where we have installed both of them as an example. But if you don't have your API key yet, all you need to do is sign up with the Condelway platform.

We are not telling you any news about how to install, customize and use this widget, because this information is exactly the same we gave you last week, when we announced the release of its twin brother, the widget that allows you to publish EU Calls for Proposals. All the necessary documentation and examples are available on the EU news widget page within the section Widgets and tools for the community.

We would especially like to thank our friend Macarena from La Oreja de Europa for her her input whilst launching the new widget.

In we will keep on working to provide you the best information contents about the European Union as well as the best tools to make them useful for your websites.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Free EU Calls for Proposals Widget for your website

We are posting today on something we wanted to share with the international community for quite some time. As some of you already know, we have been working on a widget that allows you to display updated EU Calls for Proposals automatically on your Website for free. You can see the first example of this kind, in the sidebar of this blog, where you will find the last 10 Calls for Proposals published in the Official Journal of the EU.

Some of you are already in “the know” either via email conversations we have had or through your direct involvement with the dozens of tests we have made into the last few months. During this precious time, we have been dealing with all the little things that appear when you think everything is fixed and, of course, improving all the aspects of the project to release a reliable service even in beta. A special thanks to all those that collaborated with us and those who we asked for help because without you, nothing that we have achieved would have been possible.

CondelwayTo get a widget for your website all you need to do is register with Condelway, the platform through which distributes all of its contents. Once you have signed up, you can manage your subscriptions through the Condelway dashboard. The wizard will help you to customize the code for your website or blog if you do not have programming skills. For advanced users the complete API documentation is published in the website as well as some examples on how this widget has been installed by some other Euroalert subscribers.

We are continually developing new features for our services to extend and improve them. As we always do, we will keep you informed about any new version we may release, announcing it in this blog and updating all the documentation.

Hot off the press are our EU News widget and the EU Programmes and Initiatives widget, which have been developed so that you can provide information from these areas to your users on your website! We will be posting on it very soon.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Calls for tenders in weekly Newsletter

A few months ago we started to send you the European Information Newletter on a weekly basis. Since that moment we have been adding some new features and contents so you receive a more useful Newsletter.

As we announced you in our last post, an extended and improved Calls for Tenders section has already been released. So the next step to take was to include this contents in the Newsletter you receive every Wednesday. And there it is!, in the last issue this information was already included.

From now on, in addition to the last news on European issues, the information about EU programmes and the EU Calls for proposals; you will also receive the last calls for tenders and commercial opportunities published in English in the Official Journal of EU.

In every Newsletter, just before the posts, you will find the last published calls for tenders. The amount of commercial opportunities published every day is so huge, that it would be impossible to send you all of them, but if you want to have the complete information about one particular call for tender, or want to browse all of them, you can access calls for tenders and commercial opportunities section as often as you like.

As always, we remind you that if you want to receive this Newsletter every week, you can subscribe to it very easily just giving us the e-mail where you want to receive it.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Euroalert expands the information about tenders and commercial opportunities

As many of you may already know, calls for tenders and commercial opportunities section has already been reactivated. We have not been updating new calls for tenders for a short period and now we have relaunched this section with a lot of extra information.

This halt was caused by the needs of the deep changes we were developing in order to provide a better service for you. Among those improvements, one of the most important you will find, is that now we are publishing in the full content of each call for tender instead of the summary we used to publish in the previous version.

There has also been some important changes like the amount of calls for tenders or the updating frequency. You can now find every day, early in the morning, all the commercial opportunities published in the S Series of the Official Journal of the European Union, which have a complete English version.

As the amount of contents we can provide is too large to be easily published and browsed in, we are delivering this information for our subscribers filtered in widgets. This way, companies on their intranets or associations and public bodies on their websites, can automatically display nearly effortless calls for tenders and commercial opportunities that are relevant for their corporate users.

Whatever, in the next days we will be posting about the possibilities of this service and the way some of our subscribers are using it. In the meantime, we invite you to have a look to the features of the One Web Full Content service.