Friday, August 14, 2009

Euroalert does not go on holidays!

As you can see, despite August has arrived and the tendency is often to close for vacations and go to the beach, it seems that this year we will have to go on holiday with the homework that the European Commission has given us. On July 30th the European Commission published several of calls for proposals under the Seventh Framework Program (FP7) in the Official Journal of the European Union ... but not one or two, or even five... a total of ... fifty one!

The Seventh Framework Program for Research and Technological Development (VII FP) is one of our priorities when selecting contents for Indeed, as you know, is working on a proposal to participate in one of the calls that were released on July 30.

So, as always, from have made the effort to put at your disposal all the calls from FP7 at the same time they are published in the OJEU so you can prepare project proposals either from the beach, mountain or pool.

Because it's August, yes. And everything is closed. But the information is not going on holiday, so we keep putting at your disposal the most current news of the European Union, all the calls for proposals and programmes as well as public procurement opportunities on website and through Euroalert information widgets of all our subscribers.

You know, enjoy as much as possible this month! But start preparing your projects to send them to the European Commission ... :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Commercial opportunities with european Multilateral Organizations in

We are really proud to announce you the recent launch of a new section which will provide you with information about commercial opportunities available in European multilateral organizations, because this actually means that keeps on growing and adding new contents and information.

Thanks to the strength of this Community you are all part of, and to the confidence you keep on putting on us despite these times of crisis, we can offer you an even better, with higher quality, more contents and new sections with daily information.

Over the last years multilateral organizations have become a very important target for companies seeking commercial opportunities within their strategy to internationalize their products and services. Winning a contract with one of those organizations is a great opportunity to enter a market or to expand business activity in one country or region. Moreover, trade promotion institutions all over the world have put in place different initiatives within their programmes for internationalization in order to facilitate access to these companies to international tendering procedures. couldn't be alien to the growing interest for this market, especially having the opportunity to take advantage of the expertise that our colleagues from the Gateway, S.C.S. Consultancy Division can bring to us. This experience is backed by the qualification granted to provide consultancy services to companies within the ILI Programme of the Spanish National Council of Chambers of Commerce (whose official award announcement in the OJEU was, of course, published by

Although tender forecasts, as well as their full tender announcements, awards, corrigenda, etc., were already published in public procurement and commercial opportunities section, with this new structure we will provide companies with a quick access to the information related to tender procedures in different multilateral organizations, offering a new useful tool to succeed in this quite competitive market.

To give place to this new section, website heading has been fully reorganised and a new section called EU Funding now replaces the traditional EU Programmes and Calls for Proposals. All the contents related to funding opportunities for projects available under the different European Union programmes and initiatives have been organized within this new tab.

As a complement to introduce the Multilateral Organizations monitored by, we have also published a page with general information related to International Tendering in European Multilateral Organizations, which will be broaden as this section grows. In addition to general information about how this market works, there is also an overview about the European Investment Bank (EIB), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), as well as the European Commission Co-operation Office – EuropeAid, which are a complement to the specific pages where commercial opportunities with these organizations are published: