Monday, November 21, 2011

The Representation of the European Commission in Spain launches a mobile application with the help of

We are very proud to inform you on our participation in a very special project. Euroalert developed for the Representation of the European Commission in Spain an app for iPhone and Android in order to see its contents on mobile devices. Now, the app has been launched!

The European Commission's news, the European events held in Spain as well as the press calls for journalists interested in covering European issues, are available now on the phone via the free application that launched the Representation of the Commission European in Spain. The new mobile application which can be downloaded from Android phones and iPhone presents the European information in a simple and accessible way. On the same project, it is also presented an iGoogle gadget with the same features thereby allowing the contents from the Representation to this format.
As stated in the official press release, Francisco Fonseca, Head of Representation agrees to this way of presenting the activities of the European Commission in Spain because "it is a basic and necessary step to communicate with citizens and for European information comes to them rather than having to search actively. It aims to facilitate access to the European issues content according to the new and current technological ways of communication. He added that the applications are free so citizens will have even easier access to information on the European Union., which developed the app and the gadget considers that with this step "the European Commission Representation is at the forefront of public institutions in their model of relationship with citizens through the new mobile channel." In addition, we are very pleased to have been able to assist the Commission in Spain to take this step and we're very pleased with the number of downloads so far because this means that the app is useful to citizens in their day to day.
Applications can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Android Market, from the Representation of European Commission in Spain website and from the online store of Your comments, tweets, and scores on it, can contribute to improve the application, making it more useful for you all.