Monday, March 29, 2010 at the forum of the debate on public procurement and innovation

When it comes to public procurement and innovation, a lot of questions do arise. In order to tackle them, more than 150 experts got together in Brussels during two days, taking part at the Conference "Promoting Innovation Through Public Procurement: Best Practice and Networking" organized by the Directorate General for Industry and Entrepreneurship of the European Commission on March 23rd and 24th.

As we already posted about a couple of weeks ago, has had the opportunity to take part in the Conference and debate on procurement and innovation. It has been a very good opportunity for us to know better about the main issues brought on tendering and innovation and which are the actual needs and concerns of the main actors involved, whether they are European public procurers, companies or organisations in charge for their counselling such as EEN members, experts, decision and policy makers, or information services on tendering opportunities with public sector like

On the introduction of the session Deputy Director General DG Enterprise & Industry, Madame Françoise Le Bail, already addressed some the main challenges faced by the European Union in promoting innovation through public procurement in order to ensure better public services, supporting innovation for companies and levering public purchasing.

The European Commission has set the target to dedicate 1% of the total amount of commercial opportunities channelled through public tendering in the EU to public procurement of innovation, which represents around 20B€ per year. This target might seem "modest" when compared with US target of around 15% or the even higher target of 40% set by China but everybody agreed this is an important step and a good beginning in the path to be taken.

Issues such as public contracting authorities' aversion to risk when facing procurement of innovation, their responsibility in those processes when something goes wrong, legal issues, fragmentation of demand or issues related to IP rights on procurement of innovation were some of the interesting ideas which came up at the Conference.

Pre-commercial Procurement was one of the main issues of the Conference, as a way to stimulate public tendering of innovation, together with Green Public Procurement, e-Procurement, social considerations, variants or technical dialogue in public procurement.

In relation to PCP, Lieve Bos from DG INFSO made an overview of the support mechanism for PCP put forward by the Commission, with some projects which are currently in place such as P3ITS, PreCo financed under Call 4 of the ICT FP7 Work Programme for 2009, RAPIDE or MKW, as well as the future launch of 2010 Calls for further EC support for PCP networks and cross-border pilots.

The Conference was also the occasion for networking between the delegates, who had the opportunity to share best practices on public procurement and present their projects. Apart from PCP, some other networks and projects were present at the Conference such as euroPROC, SCI-Network, LCB Healthcare Network, ENPROTEX, APOLLON, Buy Smart, PRO-EE, Save Energy, Smart SPP, or the Project "Urbain-Loi" street from the DG OIB.

One of the things which was particularly interesting for was the possibility to have a first hand point of view about what are the main issues and concerns companies, and specially SMEs, face when trying to access public procurement market, either locally or at EU level.

Representatives from different Enterprise Europe Network partners described to the delegates an overview of such issues, depicting a pan-European view coming from partners from a very varied origins representing their EEN branches such as ACC1O Competitivitat per l'empresa, the Grenoble Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bayern Innovativ, Chamber of Commerce of Finland, ABZ Bayern, City of Bradford, Promofirenze, EISC Southampton, Cardiff University or Berlin Partner.

As you can see, there were a lot of interesting networks and projects represented, and hope we haven't missed any of them..., but if it is the case, just let us know!

One of the main concerns, specially when talking about SMEs and their access to public procurement, was related to below EU thresholds tendering, where we got to know more about some very interesting initiatives such as PIANOo, ETIS or ALPPS. As some of you already know, one of Euroalert challenges now is offering to all our clients, partners and subscribers the high quality information and tools already available for EU procurement, also for below EU thresholds tendering.

Any tip or help in identifying public sources of tenders and PSI contents susceptible to be re-used will be very welcomed, as is highly involved in initiatives related to Open Data and the re-use of PSI specifically in the field of public procurement.

It has been a very valuable forum for as we have been able to know more about the needs of agencies, organisations and companies in their access to public procurement. As you all know Euroalert offers an innovative and cost-effective gateway to European public procurement by publishing all the calls for tenders, awards and other announcements published by the OJEU and the possibility to publish any content in any other website.

But and its sister brand 10ders Observatory has also developed a full set of tools which allow companies and specially SMEs to get access to cost-effective high quality market-intelligence reports about public procurement to improve their performance in this highly competitive market. This kind of fora will help us in knowing better about the needs and keeping on developing always more powerful tools on public procurement information.

Thanks again to DG Industry & Entrepreneurship and specially to all the people in the organization of the Conference for giving us this opportunity to take part in this successful event!

As a souvenir of the Conference, here are a few pics of the event. Lot of work in two days! Good luck in their projects to all participants and hope to see you all in a future occasion!

Note: updated April 21st. Presentations already available at EC Enterprise website.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010 gets ready for the changes in the new TED website

As you all know publishes and distributes a set of different information products related to public procurement announcements from European Union countries which are published in the OJEU. This means that we follow closely any change made by the Office of Publications of the European Union regarding the structure and characteristics of the publication of these public procurement notices.

A few changes, which can probably be considered as some of the most relevant ones affecting public tendering information and publication in recent times, will take place in the coming days: the new TED website will be available from March 16th, changing its interface and some of its functionalities. As we all know big changes sometimes cause some inconveniences to users, as it will be the case with the loss of saved search profiles for TED users, which will have to be saved and redefined in the new system once the new TED site is launched.

Since the announcement of the migration a couple of months ago, we started working to ensure that as far as possible any of users and subscribers will be affected by the changes to be introduced in TED website. This changes will restructure essential elements such as NUTS codes and some other characteristics for filtering announcement and notices.

One of the key values of the services provided by is being able to prepare ourselves and ensure a completely transparent transition for our customers so that the system remains up and running and their functionalities are still the same from the very first day on all our services: 10ders observatory, with data mining services on information from public markets, Euroalert widgets for the automatic publication of procurement notices in the web of our subscribers and web services for content delivery.

Since we started offering business opportunities in the EU public procurement market within the website there has already been some relevant changes in TED structure which have been immediately assimilated by, always ensuring the best service for our customers and subscribers. Not so long ago, this was the case for the update of cpv codes in 2008. One of our main commitments is to be prepared to offer to those who rely on the best possible service.

We will continue keeping you up to the date with these changes and making sure that always provides you with the best information services on EU public procurement in the most reliable way and at very cost-effective prices thanks to our innovative search technology.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Euroalert and public procurement, in Brussels

Once more, we are proud to announce another trip of the crew. We knew that Brussels is missing us and, so, we are coming back this month.

This time, the reason of our expedition is attending to the conference “Promoting Innovation Through Public Procurement: Best Practice and Networking”, which, for us, is an excellent opportunity to work in the networking and exchanging of best practice among public procurers, policy makers and other relevant stakeholders.

The conference, organized by the Directorate General for Industry and Entrepreneurship of the European Commission, will take place at Centre Albert Borschette (Rue Froissart 36, 1040 Brussels) on 23rd and 24th March. It aims to promote a connected community of stakeholders and identify possible joint actions.

The specific objectives of the meeting are:
  • To clarify the relationships between networks and stakeholders (existing ones and new ones) that can facilitate or promote public procurement of innovations: innovation agencies, Enterprise Europe Network partners, experts, industry, procuring facilitators.
  • To identify what tools are best used to help these people and where there is potential for joint actions.
We are really looking forward to attending this conference, as we will be learning and sharing experiences about public procurement, a field where claims some expertise. Participating in the most relevant forums and networking with the most outstanding stakeholders shows how Euroalert keeps its commitment to improve its excellence and knowledge about public procurement opportunities in the European Union.

This way, Euroalert can provide the best and most innovative tools about tendering information in the European Union for companies and organizations like Chambers of Commerce, Local Development Agencies, Trade Associations and Agencies for the promotion of exports.

As we always say to you, we will be in Brussels from Monday 22nd until Thursday 25th, so if you want to meet us those days, just drop us an email to, and we will try to arrange a meeting there.

See you in Brussels!!!