Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Euroalert brings you the latest European funding opportunities

The European Union regularly publishes grants through its institutions, bodies and agencies addressed to all audiences and stakeholders such as NGOs, SMEs, universities or government agencies. You only need to find them... on time!

Euroalert makes easy this task by publishing grants, i.e., the calls for proposals to apply for funding opportunities that count with European funds, and offers a personalized service to filter to get only what you are looking for. We can already say that you will find gathered in Euroalert these grants in all topics before than anywhere else.

The task may seem simple, but it is not. Not all EU grants are published in the Official Journal of the EU (OJEU). Nor all the information is published in more than one language, even the most basic information. For free, Euroalert provides grants that are published in the OJEU and whose most basic information is usually published in all 23 official EU languages. You can directly access to the latest grants published in OJEU through the Euroalert's calls for proposals website, to subscribe to the free weekly newsletter or to install the free widget onto websites and blogs, all for free and without further obligation.

But as we said, not all EU grants are published in the OJEU. Euroalert customizes the search by offering even more, both in number of grants by topic and in ways to access information that may interest you the most. An example of a grant which has not been published in OJEU, which is by the way very interesting nowadays, is "Erasmus for young entrepreneurs". The European Commission through its Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme annually publishes this grant that can help many entrepreneurs. Euroalert provides key information relating to this call in English. To keep track of this opportunity and many others not published in the OJEU, you can try for ten days, with no-obligation, the Customized Newsletter on EU information. This newsletter sends you directly to your e-mail only the most relevant information and by applying the delivery options, only when you need it.

Of course, Euroalert also proposes to provide this service in the form of “payment widget”, so you can use more advanced content as already do many institutions and companies. You can customize it to your needs and those of your users and customers in order to allow them to get information on grant opportunities in the most useful way possible. If you want to learn more about this service and the ones referred above, or any other offered by Euroalert, you can call +32 2 318 03 01 or use any of these forms of contact. As you see, Euroalert makes easier to find the funding opportunities that best fit your needs.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Euroalert presents its Social Media Newsroom

In order to make the cooperation with press, media and others interested parties easier, Euroalert has created a Social Media Newsroom with specific material published. In this section of our website, we provide you a Press Kit for Media, different ways to contact us and, among other interesting things, the social media that we use to communicate our services of information about the European Union and our competitive intelligence products on public tenders. In addition to this, we also provide you a sample of our  past participation in different media.

A few months ago, Euroalert presented its extension into the Google+ circles. This network is one of the ways to contact us to know more aboutour products and to potential collaborations. Other social networks that Eurolert commonly uses, are also included in our Social Media Newsroom. 

Euroalert is open to all kinds of collaborations with the media and other stakeholders. For example, did you know that Euroalert provides EU breaking news through a widget? We offer this personalized service for only €30 a month. For this service and many others that may be of your interest, you can phone us +32 2 318 03 01 or use our Contact page. We hope our Social Media Newsroom is useful for you and we thank you in advance to help us to improve it.