Thursday, July 31, 2008

A new Directory of Blogs about the EU!

July is coming to its end... And although some of you might already be suntanned, or are about to flight to your holiday destinations, we can't stop giving you some news. So, we will finish this month announcing that we have just inaugurated a new content section: the Directory of Blogs about the EU of!

During the last years the blogosphere has not stopped growing and, step by step, a lot of Euro-fans, Euro-sceptics, Euro-students, Euro-journalists, Euro-politicians, ..., and many other kind of internauts interested by the adventure of the EU, have joined it. Well, now in we have a new space specially dedicated to them, a new space for you... :)

We are just getting started and for the moment we have a short selection, so all your contributions will be welcomed! If you have among your favourite blogs some that you think could be interesting for our Community, or if you maintain your own blog about the EU, just send us an email so we can have a look at it and add it to the Directory.

We will keep on updating the Directory with your contributions and with all the blogs we will find interesting for you. And don't forget that is multilingual :), so if you have some Spanish skills, have a look at the Spanish version of the Directory of blogs!

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