Friday, September 12, 2008

Waiting for Google Chrome

Over the last week, there have been a lot of, generally, enthusiastic announcements about how fast Google Chrome is acquiring a significant share of the Internet web browsers market. Some specialized webstats companies like StatCounter or XiTi, have already published shares between 1-2% less than 72 hours after the launch. Blogs for more or less geek users, such as SearchEngineWatch, have announced shares around 5% (Wow!!). The usage share in the first days of the new-born browser, at least in those hype moments, seem to make it the definitive browser.

In we do not want to feel less than anybody, and therefore, want to publish our own data... So, we have to publicly announce that this week we almost haven't received any visit with Google Chrome. As these figures only show that a limited 0,5% of our traffic has been generated using this new tool, we can't even make any speculation about which browser has been substituted by this new one.

Those figures make us very proud, because they show something we already suspected..., that you, the users who usually visit to look for relevant contents about the European Union for your work, do not have time to install the ultimate-most-fashionable browser and make tests. This is something you do later at home, when you are relaxing just reading your favourite blogs... :)

In any case, those figures encourage us to keep on offering you the best information about EU funding opportunities, commercial opportunities available in more than 30 countries, and, of course, the hottest EU News. This is the best way to keep the Community of users always growing and growing, no matter the browser you use.

By the way, just as a curiosity, here is an image to show you how would be displayed using Google Chrome:

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