Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Euroalert keeps on crossing borders ... together with Infosistema in Portugal

In September we announced you that Euroalert went to Lisbon to attend meetings and events of the business delegation of Castilla y León that accompanied the President of the Junta de Castilla y León, Juan Vicente Herrera, to the Portuguese capital.

In that mission we had the opportunity to promote EU information services: business opportunities in the public sector and community funding, in the business meetings that ADE Internacional EXCAL, the external trade promotion Agency of the Junta of Castilla y Leon, had organized.

Well, as a result of our expedition to our neighbour country, we have reached an agreement for the distribution of services in Portugal through the company Infosistema, with whom we share important values such as commitment to innovation and value creation for our customers. Thus, the service that we provide to Euroalert subscribers in Portugal will be improved thanks to a much closer presence and to the local knowledge that the team of Infosistema will provide us.

As always, we want you to feel participants in this new success in Euroalert expansion, because when advances and overcomes another barrier, alll of you jump with us. Thank you so much for this new jump!!

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