Wednesday, November 18, 2009, ready for the panel on open government in FICOD 2009

The International Forum of Digital Contents, FICOD 2009, the biggest event for the digital content industry, has already started at the Palacio de Congresos Juan Carlos I in Madrid. participation in the roundtable on reuse of public sector information is closer!

"O-gov: creating value through the reuse of public sector information"
is the title of the panel in which will participate as a speaker, and it will analyze the importance of reuse public sector information, an activity that moves in Europe between 26 and 47 billion euros.

José Luis Marín, director of, will participate in this round table along with several experts in the field of reuse from both public and private sector. The full list of speakers is already available, and it is composed by:

David Cierco Jimenez de Parga, Director General for Development of Information Society of the spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism Affairs, will chair the debate on the economic importance of Public Sector Information, where will explain how it adds value to information about business opportunities and financing projects to create innovative services to all of you.

We wait for you on Thursday November 19 at 15:30 pm in Room 2. You are still in time to get registered in the web of FICOD for free!


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