Monday, March 8, 2010

Euroalert and public procurement, in Brussels

Once more, we are proud to announce another trip of the crew. We knew that Brussels is missing us and, so, we are coming back this month.

This time, the reason of our expedition is attending to the conference “Promoting Innovation Through Public Procurement: Best Practice and Networking”, which, for us, is an excellent opportunity to work in the networking and exchanging of best practice among public procurers, policy makers and other relevant stakeholders.

The conference, organized by the Directorate General for Industry and Entrepreneurship of the European Commission, will take place at Centre Albert Borschette (Rue Froissart 36, 1040 Brussels) on 23rd and 24th March. It aims to promote a connected community of stakeholders and identify possible joint actions.

The specific objectives of the meeting are:
  • To clarify the relationships between networks and stakeholders (existing ones and new ones) that can facilitate or promote public procurement of innovations: innovation agencies, Enterprise Europe Network partners, experts, industry, procuring facilitators.
  • To identify what tools are best used to help these people and where there is potential for joint actions.
We are really looking forward to attending this conference, as we will be learning and sharing experiences about public procurement, a field where claims some expertise. Participating in the most relevant forums and networking with the most outstanding stakeholders shows how Euroalert keeps its commitment to improve its excellence and knowledge about public procurement opportunities in the European Union.

This way, Euroalert can provide the best and most innovative tools about tendering information in the European Union for companies and organizations like Chambers of Commerce, Local Development Agencies, Trade Associations and Agencies for the promotion of exports.

As we always say to you, we will be in Brussels from Monday 22nd until Thursday 25th, so if you want to meet us those days, just drop us an email to, and we will try to arrange a meeting there.

See you in Brussels!!!


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