Wednesday, September 14, 2011

10ders Alerts provides tender data in a reusable format

A couple of months ago we announced you the launch of the promotional free trial period for our alerting service on public tenders: 10ders Alerts. Since then, frequent improvements have been made not only in the  10ders Alerts interface, but also in the sources of information which are aggregated in order to provide a more comprehensive database of European public contracts. We have also added new data from tender announcement such as those provided by Open Data Euskadi, and improved the criteria that can be used to describe any company's products and services in a profile that will allow them to get the most relevant information on public tenders for their activity.

Since the launch of 10ders Alerts in January 2011, hundreds of companies from almost all European Union countries and even from outside the EU, have used the free trial period to evaluate the quality of service. Thanks to their suggestions, 10ders Alerts has improved its functionality. One of the most popular requests coming from users, which is referred to 10ders Alerts, was that the data provided by the alert system should be delivered in reusable formats - an essential characteristic of our service, given the intense activity of Euroalert within the Open Data movement.

Following that request, a new feature has been released this week: the possibility for companies to obtain relevant data from public tenders in a reusable format according to their product profile. This can be done by any subscriber simply by changing the delivery options in the 10ders Alerts dashboard:

Let's remember that Euroalert services for corporate clients already provide contents in different reusable formats which allow, e.g., the publication on other websites. However, subscribers to the alerting service in public tenders  are typically end users and, therefore, their approach should be different. Besides, as this service is mainly used by people whose usual working tools are the most common office packages, we chose Microsoft Excel as the format for providing tender alerts' contents by email.

If you are interested in testing this service for free, you only need to apply for it by sending us an email to, and we will provide you with the necessary assistance to opt-in.

The price of this new service is 45 euros/month (432 euros/year) although all new subscriptions as well as current customers will benefit until the end of the year of a reduced price of 20 euros/month (192 euros/year). We hope this new service which complements Euroalert intelligence products on public markets, will help all companies in the Euroalert community to improve their performance in public markets.


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