Thursday, March 6, 2008

About the blog

In the past few days the new international version of was born and, as with the launch of any new services, there has been little time to stop and think and even less to write. Now that all its vital signs are stable, although being a basic version, we have been able to start the euroalert blog in English.

As you can imagine, this is the classic opening post for a blog. A declaration of our intentions which we probably won´t complete, despite trying, and a great speech describing the trials and tribulations that have brought us to this point (the reality of this is that the first paragraph has done nearly all of that for us without realising!). However, don´t worry everything to come will be much more interesting.

For now, we will start with a simple task. The blog articles will mainly focus on improvements to services and new characteristics which we are including in euroalert to avoid having to find them on the off chance. We will describe new options so that you understand their potential uses and also that any suggestions you wish to make, may help us improve them further. We thank you for all your feedback. Send us your criticisms as well. To start off, we ask you to subscribe to the newsletter and to our blog.

Our aim is that is the most useful and practical tool for your work with programmes and initiatives from the European Union. Although you may not be traveling to Brussels every week, this will be a good point of contact for being up to date with Calls for proposals and business opportunities (calls for tenders) which are announced at an European level.

For the future we are feeling rather ambitious and hope that this blog becomes somewhat of a "ecosystem" through which you can exchange ideas and opinions about subjects such as research and development, education, regional development, citizen, cooperation, etc. Who knows, perhaps forge new relationships that will give place to winning future projects.

However, all this will take place at little further in the future. It has been your confidence and loyalty to, these past ten years, that has made all this possible. Welcome to all newcomers and to all others, we hope that you stay with us.

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