Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More EuroalertSearch Gadgets and Widgets

Recently we have seen some important improvements to the Euroalert search engine euroalertSearch. Making the most of your suggestions (which we have not been short of) and some of our own ideas, that until now we had not be able to implement, we believe that we have significantly improved the quality of our search results. In any case, we are continually updating and making improvements on a weekly basis whether or not they appear in our blog. If you find an area of information for which EuroalertSearch does not provide sufficient quality of contents or, you think does not highlight the relevance of a particular website, do not hesitate to contact us so that we may analyse and resolve the issue.

Along with this update, we have taken the opportunity to release the EuroalertSearch search engine widget code so that you may install it on your websites or blogs as we said in our previous post about the installing euroalertSearch in the search bar of your browser.

Those of you that use iGoogle can also install euroalertSearch with the gadgets of your profile page. The point of this gadget is similar to the euroalertSearch plug-in for the search bar of browser which we released recently. We created it so that you can perform optimum searches on European topics easily without having to go to website.

So, we hope that the users of distinct services and programmes will be able to reap the benefits of euroalertSearch's capabilities. You can install the euroalertSearch gadget to your iGoogle profile by clicking on the link or review the more detailed information available at As always, if you have any doubts or need support with any of our tools you can contact us by email at

All the information about our euroalertSearch gadgets and widgets is in the section Widgets and tools for the community. This is where all future tools will be published for the community.


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