Friday, June 6, 2008

Euroalert expands the information about tenders and commercial opportunities

As many of you may already know, calls for tenders and commercial opportunities section has already been reactivated. We have not been updating new calls for tenders for a short period and now we have relaunched this section with a lot of extra information.

This halt was caused by the needs of the deep changes we were developing in order to provide a better service for you. Among those improvements, one of the most important you will find, is that now we are publishing in the full content of each call for tender instead of the summary we used to publish in the previous version.

There has also been some important changes like the amount of calls for tenders or the updating frequency. You can now find every day, early in the morning, all the commercial opportunities published in the S Series of the Official Journal of the European Union, which have a complete English version.

As the amount of contents we can provide is too large to be easily published and browsed in, we are delivering this information for our subscribers filtered in widgets. This way, companies on their intranets or associations and public bodies on their websites, can automatically display nearly effortless calls for tenders and commercial opportunities that are relevant for their corporate users.

Whatever, in the next days we will be posting about the possibilities of this service and the way some of our subscribers are using it. In the meantime, we invite you to have a look to the features of the One Web Full Content service.

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