Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Calls for tenders in weekly Newsletter

A few months ago we started to send you the European Information Newletter on a weekly basis. Since that moment we have been adding some new features and contents so you receive a more useful Newsletter.

As we announced you in our last post, an extended and improved Calls for Tenders section has already been released. So the next step to take was to include this contents in the Newsletter you receive every Wednesday. And there it is!, in the last issue this information was already included.

From now on, in addition to the last news on European issues, the information about EU programmes and the EU Calls for proposals; you will also receive the last calls for tenders and commercial opportunities published in English in the Official Journal of EU.

In every Newsletter, just before the posts, you will find the last published calls for tenders. The amount of commercial opportunities published every day is so huge, that it would be impossible to send you all of them, but if you want to have the complete information about one particular call for tender, or want to browse all of them, you can access calls for tenders and commercial opportunities section as often as you like.

As always, we remind you that if you want to receive this Newsletter every week, you can subscribe to it very easily just giving us the e-mail where you want to receive it.

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