Monday, June 8, 2009

Crisis? What crisis?

Many of the contents provides with to all our users and subscribers have lately been focused on the same burning issue, which is in fact one of the main concerns European citizens have expressed to their institutions: economic crisis. And the truth is that crisis is actually the talk of the town: it is in all newspapers front cover, opening all TV news and, of course, a new very common topic for chitchat...

In we know crisis is there, that it is really serious and is probably going to be one of the historic events our grand-children will study at school. However, we would not like that a newcomer in conversations and news, makes anybody do without something that has already become an essential tool for our subscriber's work: information widgets.

We all agree that information has become an essential item, at it is not a luxury thing one might do without in hard times. For that reason, will not change tariffs for widgets this year, therefore maintaining the same pricing lists as for year 2008.

From we aim not only to provide contents, but also solutions and tools to get out of the economic turn-down. Public procurement, as well as being one more source of wealth and employment for countries, is also a secure and reliable opportunity for businesses. EU Programmes boost many different areas such as research, training, culture or business support, and there are constantly calls for proposals which may be of great help in such fields. offers them every day.

All these essential resources will keep on being available for everybody browsing our web to be informed about the European Union, as well as through free widgets. And for all those wishing to enjoy a service adapted to their own needs, we will continue to provide personalised widgets in the same conditions as we did last year.

So, quoting Vinton Cerf, one of the “fathers” of the Internet who happened to be with our friends from CTIC at the end of April: there are still people who “take a great deal of pleasure in providing information to others who can use it”... We like that!

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