Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Innovation, a very sexy thing...

Here we are. The Euroalert.net crowd is already in Brussels is prepared to tell you first hand what happens in OPEN DAYS 2009. And we start from the Charlemagne building, where the Open Days University is being held. Here, we find Pregen Gregersen's conference Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority, of the Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs.

Gregersen has focused his speech, entitled "Restoring growth through innovation", on a shocking sentence: "Innovation is a very sexy thing...". And it's sexy because it can bring many benefits to societies. He has insisted that, fortunately, and despite the recession, the EU structural funds assigned to innovation is a huge amoint, but he says that the key is focusing these resources and apply the results through an efficient regional policy.

Gregersen has not forgotten something that we have always supported from Euroalert.net: new technologies are important for development, but they are not everything. Strengthen the basis, facilitate the dissemination and understanding of these new technologies, foster innovation, investment in human capital and encourage entrepreneurship are key to get a general growth in the European Union from the lowest levels: the regions.

We are glad to see that we are not the only who bet on open knowledge as a way to share progress and growth. And innovation, of course, is part of the knowledge that no one should stop sharing.

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