Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Dutch experience in Dublin

Some weeks ago we announced you that José Luis Marín, our CEO, was visiting Dublin to participate in the seminar "Smart Construction: Doing bussiness in the Netherlands" organized by Enterprise Ireland, the Government's agency for the development and promotion of Irish business sector.

The seminar has taken place at Enterprise Ireland HQ in Dublin, on Tuesday 23rd February morning. This event is one of the activities organized for the Ireland Construct community, created with the objective to help Irish construction companies achieve strong positions in global market, and in this case it has focused on the Dutch Construction industry. About 35 companies have attended to the seminar and the 1-to-1 meetings that have been organized afterwards with the experts who have spoken previously, in order to help the Irish companies get a better understanding of the available opportunities .

José Luis, our CEO, has shared Euroalert.net knowledge and expertise in the public procurement information services field. He has shown the attendees the possibilities of Euroalert.net in helping individual SMEs across the European Union, to compete with biggest companies, by providing more accurate, and fastest information on tenders in Europe or with market intelligence tools on public procurement opportunities like 10ders Observatory.

In his presentation "Digging business leads out of the internet", Mr. Marín has highlighted that public procurement is an affordable way to export for SMEs. Many companies were very interested in the fact that the levelling factor of the web brings more cost-effective tools to market intelligence on public procurement, like the ones Euroalert provides: the possibility of monitoring the stream of expenditure for their specific products or services or getting rankings for successful bidders in order to look for potential agreements or subcontracting opportunities, can be cheaper through 10ders observatory, than traditional traditional market researches. Here you can check and download the full presentation:
Digging business leads out of the internet
José Luis Marín has shared the panel with several experts of the Dutch construction sector:
  • Bas van der Veen, Professor at Innovative Entrepreneurship in Construction at Saxion University, who presented "The future of the Construction Industry in the Netherlands" and provided lots of figures and facts about what is going to happen in Dutch construction market during the next 30 years.
  • Pieter van Boom, Managing Director at Bartels consulting engineers,who spoke about "Partnering opportunities – the realities in the Dutch market" and pointed out that "cooperation and collaboration is in Dutch people DNA", which represents a great opportunity for foreign companies with innovative products .
  • Peter van de Boogaard, owner of NewCon Vastgoed bv, who shared "The expectations of a Dutch buyer in the Construction industry", and made great description about particularities like the importance of sectors like the student housing in The Netherlands.
  • Martin Bourgonje, from Synergy Management, who contributed with "Doing Business in the Netherlands – the small print", contributed with several tips and legal facts about how to establish a company in The Netherlands.
It has been a very exciting experience for us, and, as always, another success for all the Euroalert.net community. Thanks to all of you, every day we are getting farther and farther, proving organizations and companies in Europe better and improved innovative services.

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