Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Spending the day with Euroalert.net at the Open Days 2010

Today has been our first day at the Open Days 2010: the 8th European Week of Regions and Cities in Europe. We picked our badge this morning and start running from one workshop to the other, meeting old friends and making new ones.

One thing which has surprised us is the little activity there has been for the Open Days in Twitter today... Euroalert.net has really been one of the very few tweeting with the official hashtag #euopendays. We really felt alone in the conference rooms typing in our computer or our smartphone and somehow disappointed as we though that following others' tweets from other workshops would have enriched the debate... Here's a suggestion for making regions and cities even closer to the public at the Open Days, maybe for 9th edition!

We hope that at least those who follow Euroalert.net in Twitter will have enjoyed with our tweets from the conferences we attended.

Besides this "social media coverage", as we already announced you a couple of months ago Euroalert.net has been at some quite interesting workshops. We met the pre-commercial procurement people from DG Information Society and Media, for an interesting workshop on how public procurement can boost innovation also at regional level, shared some ideas on how to promote entrepreneurship and innovative business with start-up strategies, discussed over how to get public acceptance on controversial new energy technologies projects...

We also had the opportunity to meet our friends from the England's Northwest Brussels Office, from Fundación Comunidad Valenciana, from Stockholm Region, and also from a our own region, Castilla y León, at the exhibition area of the meeting place, and also unexpectedly meet with old friends at the Committee of the Regions lobby entrance!

He are looking forward to more interesting things tomorrow, and will be there telling you everything from the #euopendays. Are you joining us?

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