Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Euroalert.net will be again at the Open Days 2010!

Everything is ready! This year we will be also in Brussels to live the 8th European Week of the Regions and Cities, also named the Open Days 2010. The events will be from 4th to 7th October this year and they will be developed under the title “Europe 2020: Competitiveness, co-operation and cohesion for all the regions".

As you could already read on Euroalert.net a couple of weeks ago, registration is now open and the deadline will be on 22nd September, so you can register to any of the 130 events that will take place on the first week of October. Although the organizers, DG REGIO and Committee of the Regions, have estimated to welcome about 6,000 people, you should better register on the events you are interested in asap, vacancies will be covered quickly!

As you know, Euroalert.net follows very close the biggest event of European regions and cities, as we already did in 2006 and in 2008, because this is a great chance to know first-hand what is done all around Europe. The experience of Euroalert.net staff at the Open Days 2009 was really good, because we had the opportunity to attend some very interesting events, like B-Creative, or "Restoring Growth through innovation" within Open Days University. Besides, we also had the opportunity to know a lot of people and exchanging experiences with them.

This year, we will also try to attend the events organized and promoted by members of Euroalert.net community as we did last year at the reception of North East England Office in Brussels, or at the Stockholm Region offices opening. Hope to see you all at the Open Days 2010 in October!


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