Monday, April 7, 2008

Euroalert participates in the GOMC with UEMC

Thanks to Miguel de Cervantes European University (UEMC), in we have the opportunity to participate in the GOMC, in other words, the Google Online Marketing Challenge. This challenge or competition which has been launched by Google to all universities around the world, will require teams to use 200 dollars to create and market his own publicity campaign with Google AdWords (designed for real business).

The marketing competition comprises of the development and running, by the teams of students from the University together with heads of small businesses, of an online marketing campaign for three weeks between February 10th and May 24th 2008.

If you had not have guessed, the role of in GOMC would be that of the real business through which a group of students from UEMC would realise their ideas. To this opportunity, that the university has been so kind to offer us, we have responded with our utmost enthusiasm and aim provide all the resources that we possibly can to our team so that they can really sink their teeth into the challenge.

The results of the challenge will be published by way of a series of recommendations which will be useful in future development of online marketing strategies on Furthermore, the real task that our team are certain to complete, will be to help us spread our services to many more people and expand the community. We also hope to be able to give real work experience to the students and aspire that the time will be useful for their own academic trainning.

We warmly welcome María, Helena, Rita, José y Borja, our team from UEMC, so that together we get the best possible result and why not, perhaps they can come with us for a week to the Googleplex in Mountain View (California). In any case, the prize that is guaranteed is the knowledge we will gain about online marketing and of course the taking part.

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