Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Euroalert.net directly from Brussels

We have one more in our team! We would like to present to you Macarena Rodríguez who has involved herself in the editing team of Euroalert.net from Brussels, the headquarters of the European Union's principle institutions. From there she will send us hot information on everything that is coming out of the European Union first hand through her articles.

As you already know, we work continually to improve the services the Euroalert.net provides and now we are looking at the section Current news from the European Union.

From now, thanks to the addition of Macarena to the team, we will be able to offer a greater number of news articles about the European Union everyday. Her first contribution was an article on the Official Launch of the Single Euro Payments Area which we hope will be the first of a long series of articles from Brussels.

Macarena is qualified as Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism & Media and also in BA in Humanities from the University of Salamanca. She did a MA degree in European Journalism at the Haute École Galilée (IHECS) in Brussels. On a professional level Macarena has accumulated a huge amount of experience throughout her youthful career and has been, amongst other things, delegate of press in the both community institutions the European Parliament and the European Commission. Furthermore is the author of the EU blog La Oreja de Europa.

Besides from tell you all a bit about her we would like to take the opportunity to welcome Macarena to the Euroalert.net team.


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