Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Free newsletter from now European information every week

One of the oldest services that has offered to its users is the free European Union newsletter which has been sent by email in Spanish since 2000. This morning we have sent all our subscribers the last fortnightly edition. In response to the requests of great number of you whom with good reason wanted a more up to date service, we now send our newsletter out weekly.

The format of the newsletter has not changed, you will receive in your mail boxes a selection of the most relevant contents about the European Union every week free as always. (Current news, Calls for Proposals, programmes and initiatives from the European Union, etc.)

To be more precise, we will send you the newsletter every Wednesday at 10.30 am. With this change, we hope the newsletter will contain the most up to date information on everything that is coming out of the European Union whether it be the current news, a calls for proposals or a new initiative.

The change from fortnightly newsletter will be automatic, this is to say that those already subscribed, will continue to receive on a weekly basis. If it is the case, and we hope for not many of you, that the new newsletter is inadequate for your needs, you are able to cancel subscription yourselves.

As always we will keep you informed through this blog of any improvements that we include or of any features that become new to the international version of

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