Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Euroalert analyses with exporting companies how to get the most from competitive intelligence tools based on public procurement

As you already know Euroalert provides competitive intelligence tools based on public procurement information which help companies from all sectors to access new business opportunities. Being in contact with companies and sharing with them our experience in the management of these type of tools is without any doubt one of the most satisfying parts of our job. It is for that reason that since Euroalert was invited to be in the panel of a seminar about public procurement opportunities for Irish construction companies organised by Enterprise Ireland a couple of years ago, it is always a pleasure for us to take part in seminars and workshops whenever one of our partners invites us to talk about these opportunities with their businesses.

The last occasion was on 26 April at a seminar organised by the Spanish Association for the Internationalisation of the Electronics, Information Technology and Telecommunications Companies (Secartys). In this seminar we briefly went through the current situation of public procurement in the European Union and discussed how competitive intelligence techniques are an important contribution to any company's strategy. We also analysed how key information can be obtained from public procurement and government contract notices by using competitive intelligence tools such as Euroalert's and revised a few examples adapted to their own sector.

In Secartys' website you can access the programme of the seminar about the use of competitive intelligence tools and techniques in the field of public procurement in the European Union (Spanish version). You can also have a look here at the presentation we used during this seminar.
If you represent a trade association, a chamber of commerce, an export promotion agency or any other kind of organization working with exporting companies, and you think it could be interesting for them to know how they can use these tools to make their businesses grow, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or through Euroalert profiles in Twitter, Facebook or Google+. It will be a pleasure to share our experience and help them to achieve their objective for growth.

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