Friday, May 11, 2012

New App to be informed of the latest news and press calls from the European Commission in Spanish

Did you know that the Representation of the European Commission in Spain launched an app in collaboration with Euroalert? You can now download for iPhone and Android a mobile app where you will be able to will find the latest European news. The app lets you see the news of the European Commission, European events taking place in Spain as well as the press calls for journalists interested in covering European affairs.

In addition to this app, you can also add this information to your personalized iGoogle gadget. With the app and the gadget, the European Commission intends to make available its activities in Spain to the public and provide to Spanish citizens a quick and easy access to European information. Francisco Fonseca, head of the Representation of the European Commission in Spain highlighted at the moment of the launching last November, that in this way, citizens will get European information without having to actively search through the new uses that are being imposed. 

Euroalert team is very proud to have participated as a developer on this project. Also today we express our satisfaction with the number of downloads that the application is having on both iPhone and Android because it means what is useful for citizens.

As you know applications can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play Market and from the website of the Representation of the European Commission in Spain and of course, from the Euroalert online store. Your comments, tweets, +1' s, likes, reviews and ratings to the app will help us to further improve its implementation, making it more useful for you all.

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