Friday, January 15, 2010

And now, on European Parliament TV!

Once more, people is speaking about And this time far far away from our "home"!

Last week we had the pleasant surprise of discovering, thanks to our friend Macarena Rodríguez (who is "the ear of Europe" for reasons like this) and our friends of Eurodatum that we appeared in EuroparlTV, web TV of the European Parliament, which was launched in September 2008.

Thanks to them we knew that the program "Press Corner" of EuroparlTV had devoted some time to explaining services, stressing above all our business opportunities section and in-depth treatment of the financial opportunities in the European Union, as well as our news about the European Union and our blogs directory. You can see it around the 16th minute of this video:

We are proud to be once more an example of website that adds value to public information, and a quality source of information for European news. We are also pleased that they underlined the multilingual nature of, something we have always wagered on.

And as always, we can only share this new success with all of you, who compose the Community. Every day we have more reasons to be proud of!

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