Thursday, January 28, 2010 contributes a list of UK Public Bodies to open data project

It is nothing new for those who already know us that in we have a strong commitment to open data community, and other collaborative efforts related with open knowledge.

For this reason, and due to an open request made by Jonathan Gray on Twitter, to build a canonical list of United Kingdom public bodies, we have decided to release the list of UK authorities that have announced public contracts in the OJEU since April 2008, extracted from 10ders observatory.

We are contributing this list to the Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network (CKAN), a registry of open knowledge packages and projects, which is hosted by The Open Knowledge Foundation, an organization whose community coordinator is Jonathan Gray. Both the CKAN code and data are open: free for anyone to use and reuse.

As you see, this is another example of our willingness to make the reuse of public sector information and open data an increasingly more visible fact. We want to support the UK government initiative, and so, we really hope that this collaborative effort would be a step towards a greater openness in public information.

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