Saturday, January 30, 2010, a new link to EU information

A couple of weeks ago we posted on the recommendation made about by the program "Press Corner" on EuroparlTV, something we got to know from our dear Macarena García, who's already an habitué of this blog, and from our friends from, who were also recommended on EuroparlTV. It was hight time for us to make the due introductions to our friends on (sorry, no way we can tell you their names; that's the best kept secret in the Union... ;-) ).

The directory of EU links, was launched on the summer of 2009 with the aim to gather the most useful websites related to the European Union, its institutions, history, job market and stakeholders. This website, whose followers grow every day, offers today a solid basis of around 750 links sorted by different types of categories which allow quick access to many informations about the EU. In fact, among the links gathered by in the category of Paper & Internet EU Media you can also find, something we would like to take this occasion to thank them for.

The main objective of remains to provide with quick EU-related links and data, something which its own creators have expressed saying that they “cruelly missed such a tool in our professional lives and designed it as a dashboard for all EU-interested people out there, as a must-have link to keep at the top of their Favorites’ list”.

Something that was highlighted on EuroparlTV "Press Corner" was the multilingual character of, something that, as it is the case for, is said to be highly appreciated by European internauts. is already available in English, French and Spanish, but following its global vocation its founders plan to soon offer more language versions.

Apart from EuroparlTV, Eurodatum.con has been recommended since its creation by some quite relevant actors on the EU scenario, such as different national and regional governments in Spain, Belgium or Bulgaria, think-tanks, European studies associations within and outside the Union, or prestigious Universities like Berkeley, Boston, Barcelona or Turku, blogs...; and, of course, they count upon recommendation!

You can go to their website, and also visit page on Facebook, or get in touch with them through the email

It is always a real pleasure to find dynamic people with good ideas which make easier to access EU information, something which has been raison d'être since its very beginning and for what we keep on working everyday. All team welcomes and wish them very good luck to make this project grow.

Good luck!

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